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Thick is always the right size! Interview with author Nah'Sun

Hello beautiful people! Today is the day, the interview you've all been waiting for is finally here! Today I give to you the interview with author Nah'Sun writer/creator of the "Thick" series of books geared towards full figured women. His books In the Thick Of Things, Thick When Chances are Slim, and Thick in the Nick of time are all honest, raw, and true to subject books that I'm sure every plus size women can relate to. Each of the characters in this series of books I can say that I've either known if real life(personality of the character in relation to people I have known) or people that I can see actually doing the things describes in the books. So without further delay I give you our interview. Please visit Nah'Sun's website, details will be below following our interview; and support our artists who are bringing positivity to the plus size/full figured community. It's not often we are the sex symbols, best friends, positive subject (muse), and love interest in anything; so please take advantage of this platform and support him and others like him that spread the word of how amazing we all are!

1. I'm so glad you gave me this opportunity to interview you. Can I ask, why you chose me?

You didn’t act Hollywood when I met you at the Full Figured Pageantry in Jersey.

2. What do you expect to get from this interview? What is it you want people to know about you or
Author Nah'Sun
your series of books?

People on social sites complain about being bored. My interviews are the cure to getting rid of boredom in your life. As far as my books, readers will know they’ll get their money’s worth because even if they dislike the books, they’ll still get something from them.

3. Who inspired you to become a writer?

Winning 25 dollars on a Malcolm X essay that bested everyone in the 4th grade level of my elementary school inspired me…when I was in the 4th grade of course. The rest is history.

4. Have you been on a book tour? If so what cities have you visited? 

I pick and choose the places I wanna hit up. Some markets are stronger than others. Philly, Detroit, Atlanta, Delaware, Miami, DC, Boston, NYC, New Jersey, and Virginia are places I’d hit up so far. I still gotta hit up the West Coast.

What’s funny is that I haven’t done a book signing in Chicago (where I’m from), but that’s mainly due to industry politics.

5. Because of your attraction to full figured women which inspired you to create the "Thick" series dedicated to their voluptuousness, as a man how do you know what full figured women want?

Asking questions gave me insight of what they go through. Then I let my imagination run its course. I’ve been dating plus size women for awhile, so in a lot of cases I didn’t have to do the homework because I knew the homework.

6.  Do you agree that "Thick is the new thin?" Why?

Thick is NEVER the new thin because plus size women were always attractive to the public eye. The Sarah “Saartijie” Baartman story tells you that. Google her. It’s just that society loves to front on the big girls and make way for their slender counterparts.

There maybe a racial undertone to the shunning of thick women because women of African descent are mostly known for wide hips and large butts. You know it’s hard for Black women to get props for their beauty as it is, but overall, it’s hard for big girls of all shades to get some shine for their beauty.

7.  Have you always dated full figured women? And what makes you so attracted to them?

Blame my uncle’s ex-wife for walking out the room half naked when I was 3 years old. She was full figured with some tig ol biddies. Seeing her half naked changed my life forever.

Full figured women are attracted to me for some reason. I don’t size discriminate, but most of my dates have been plus size women.

8.  What type of full figured woman do you find attractive? For example, conservative, candid,
 spontaneous etc.  And why?

A woman with some common sense who can hold an intellectual conversation even if I disagree with her is attractive. That makes me horny. Physical attraction is just the icing on the cake, not the cake itself.

9.  If you had to choose a feature that you loved the most on a full figured woman what would it be?

This must be a trick question because I’m an ass man. My answer is generic as hell, but it is what it is. A round basketball ass with wide “baby making hips” is a plus. I love palming asses.

10. There isn't a lot of fashion in your series, do you not like what full figured women are wearing? 

Clothes don’t make the woman, the woman makes the clothes. I write stories to bare the soul of my characters, not write a book that’s a glorified commercial for brand name clothes, cars, shoes and alcoholic beverages without me getting paid for it.

11. What sort of outfit would you like to see? 

Outfits like dresses, skirts, blazers, fishnet stockings, or anything sexy but classy unless I’m writing an erotic scene where a woman is wearing only her birthday suit with “phuck me pumps” if I want her kinky

12.  I love the table of jewels (contents) section in your books, it really sets the tone for each section and resembles a menu. How did you get the idea to set it up that way? And what was your intention?

I like to be different. I use certain phrases to describe chapters without giving them away. In the original THICK novel I used foods, and in the sequel I used funny phrases. I dare to stand out, and it worked since you asked me a question about my table of content.

13. Your main character seems to be all over the place when it comes to relationships.  Is this a reflection of the author?

My characters are based on imagination and what I see and hear on the regular. Some of my characters are all over the place because they’re chaotic. Life is chaotic, and that reflects a lot of my characters. The goal for them is to either find themselves, or forever get destroyed by their recklessness.

14. Which character is your favorite of the series? And why?

My favorite character in the THICK series so far is Born Life. He’s the person I might’ve become if I was wild and uncivilized.

15. In regards to preparation, how did you come up with story lines? And what mindset did you put
working his magic!
yourself into in order to create this series?

I write a quick outline and work from there. My imagination crushes the outline once I freestyle the story and find my groove. I already know what I wanna write in the series. I just gotta execute what I have in mind.

That’s the hard part.

16. When you write do you know how you want the story to end? Or do you let it flow and figure it out as you go?

I don’t know how the story ends until I write. Hell, I constantly change the story in my mind as I write once I get the feel of a story. That’s why it takes me 9 months to complete a novel. I don’t wanna rush when I know I can do better.

17. In the intro section you said "Invest in your career." What advice would you give aspiring writers interesting in a career in publishing?

Master the art of writing by taking a creative writing course at a community college. I majored in Journalism and minored in English a 4-year university, but you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get your feet wet with writing. Just take a writing course or two, or participate in a writing fellowship to get a feel of how others view your work.

I sharpened my swords to take off heads before I stepped foot in the book game. You only get one good crack at a first impression once you release your debut novel. Also know the business. If the business side isn’t right, nothing else matters regardless of how talented you are.

18. I love your writing style, it's relate-able and the message is easily understood. What or whom inspired you to write that way?

I bombed with my first novel. My first novel (which shall remain nameless) sold very well, but a lot of people didn’t “get it” because the writing style was too literary, meaning you wouldn’t understand the style unless you had a clear understanding of metaphors, symbolism, motifs and other literary devices. It was the type of book you’ll read in class instead of your vacation. I switched my style and put the most profound messages in a simpler form without the bells and whistles.

In other words, I got to the point and kept it simple without dumbing down.

19. In Thick When the Chances are Slim, you've said that you can appreciate a woman's physical self without perversion. Can you elaborate?

I can look at a naked woman without the urge to sleep with her. That’s why my books covers are illustrated the way they are. Some people criticized the book covers of THICK 1 and 2, but I make no apologies for how they were drawn. I purposely made them artistically erotic to subconsciously put the thought in people’s minds that plus size women are sexy, too.

We shouldn’t be afraid of nakedness, but society is so undisciplined and tainted to the point where the days of walking on earth clothes-less without worries are over. This isn’t the Garden of Eden. It’s a jungle. That’s why women gotta cover up more when they dress up so guys, and society at large, can focus on their inner beauty instead of plotting on ways to get in their jeans or judging them.

20. In regards to writing, publishing, and promoting what would you have done differently? 

I would’ve written the THICK series first. The THICK style is simple enough for everyone to follow. It’s catchier. My first novel was too difficult for a lot of readers to follow. That’s when I realized that people read fiction for entertainment purposes and not necessarily for the poetics of the writing.

21. How do you plan to deal with the switch from hardcover or paperback book to that of the digital

eBooks are the devil, but I’ll eventually convert my paperbacks to digital because people nowadays act like they can’t read a book unless it’s digital. It’s funny because they’ve been reading hardcover and paperbacks for years. Now they act like it’s a sin to not read eBooks.

Society is slowly but surely becoming enslaved by technology, but hey, it is what it is.

22.  What else can we expect for the "Thick" series?

Expect your money’s worth. I bust my ass when I write so you can bust your ass at work to spend 15 bucks on one of my books. Fair exchange is no robbery.

23.  What's next for Nah'Sun? 

Who knows…I might get into porn…anything’s possible.

24. Where can we find your novels? 

You can find my novels at any mom and pop spot, and also hit up the company’s website @ to get an autographed copy of my books once you order.

You show love, you get love. You do dirt, you get mud.


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  1. This was truly an awesome interview. Thank you Nah'Sun and Dominique for really informing us about yourself, your writing and the current novels that are are out. I will definitely look into reading more about you.
    Thank you! Mayra

    1. Thank you so much there is more to come!