Monday, April 18, 2016

Conversations Inside My Head

So, I'm randomly trying to decide if I should go the gym today or get in some much needed writing for my second book. That's when the thought hit me. At the event last weekend in Newark I met a woman who is very much into fitness, and talking to people about it. NOTHING is wrong with that, but I do think her delivery needs improving.

So I kind of took that as her insinuating that I am glorifying and unhealthy lifestyle by writing a book about full figured women in the fashion industry. I'm a lover of fashion and I like to look good when ever I go somewhere, so yes fashion is a huge part of being confident and about being a woman comfortable in my skin.  So yes I want to have things that are well-suited to my body so why not write a book a fictional novel about such women who are empowering themselves through fashion; in the fashion industry and becoming major players. 

This event is about the EMPOWERING  of Full Figured Women, this is not the arena to preach weight loss. Healthy habits maybe, but not full on beast mode. 

So, she happened to stop by my table (I vended the event) and said my book seems interesting, but I (me) have to admit that extra weight is bad. If you could see my face! 

I told her being healthy IS NOT equated to size in particular. It's about how you live. You don't have to be super thin to be healthy or super fat to have health issues. I take myself for example, I told her I've lost over 135lbs. Yet to her I'm still an obese woman. I was trying to emphasize that you don't know where people come from so you cannot criticize where they are going because you don't know where they are in their journey to getting healthy. You cannot assume that because a person has a little extra weight that they are not doing what is needed to get healthier for themselves and not for the general public. 

And in any case, I think her intentions were well intended; but poorly delivered. 

Any who...until I have the next CONVERSATION IN MY HEAD‼️ TTYL 💋

Sunday, April 17, 2016

LIFE & TIMES BOOK EVENT: Ms. Full Figured USA Pageant

Last evening it was my honor to be among the vendors that were showing their products at the Ms. Full Figured USA Pageant. It was absolutely amazing event where BBW contestants from different parts of the U.S. showed up, showed out, and SLAYED BABY SLAYED! Each contestant brought their A Game for the category they participated in, and the roar from the crowd only amped up the adrenaline that surged through the contestants and audience members. It was an amazing show, and if you'ved missed it; you always have next year! 

FORTUNATELY, you don't have to wait that long to see me! THE LIFE & TIMES BOOK is currently available on Amazon Kindle for all your devices, or for the book lovers who love the feel and smell of a freshly printed book paperback copies are available through Amazon. 

STAY TUNED FOR THE NEXT STOP ON THE BOOK TOUR! I am determined to get THE LIFE & TIMES in the hands of every curvy diva! 

In the meantime, enjoy some pictures from last nights event‼️

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Tuesday, March 8, 2016


On this day we celebrate women and the achievements we've accomplished throughout history and in our everyday lives. I'm proud of all women who've kept stead fast in chasing their visions in the hopes of accomplishing a dream. Please remember to continue to feed your spirits and know that all things are possible.


Friday, January 15, 2016

An open letter to 2016

Time: 8:55pm
Date: 1/15/16
Place: Universe
Song: Here by Alessia Cara
Mood: Open to Possibilities 

Dear 2016,

As we began our journey together, let me first introduce myself. I'm Dominique, Dom to those who know me best; mysterious to the one's who don't. What you'll soon find out about me is that I don't conform to the norms of most people, but rather do my own thing to the best that common sense will take me. Perfect by no means, but rather I dare to say hopeful with rebel like qualities. 

You see 2016, though I work a nine to five like most average joes I have but one real goal in mind.  What's that goal? Call it ambitious, but to be a successful writer. Like all artists, I have stumbled, fallen, had major doubts, and change direction; but as I said earlier, I have a goal in mind.

I being (let's call a spade, a spade) fat, that has somehow limited my climb up that ladder that people try to convince themselves doesn't exist. Some people like to say (even think) that full figure women are offered the same opportunities as everyone else, but the truth is; that shit ain't true! People have taken a first look at me and immediately put me in the fat and lazy category, but I digress. The purpose of this letter is not play the "Poor Me" card, but to OWN WHO I AM card. What I'm realizing is...It's not my job to change people's minds about what they perceive me to be, because I know who I am and I'm secure with that. People are not going to just open the doors and let me walk through, I'm going to have to knock down those doors that were meant to keep me out DOWN! And that's just the reality of the situation, THE LIFE & TIMES OF A FULL FIGURED FASHIONISTA if you will (PLUG for my book; yes, I'm shameless! Get the book boo!).

Anyway 2016, I'm not giving up. As hard as being an artist is, I will keep going (starving artist in the building!) There's a higher power in the universe and it has a great, and positive plan for me.

"Today I begin a new life, for I am the master of my destiny, and today will be a great and beautiful day"
                                                                                                      Jody from the movie Baby Boy
                                                                                                                Via Unknown Writer




Thursday, December 3, 2015

Artist Spotlight: U'Asia Cowan Creator/Designer of TU2'S By UU

What started off as a mom who decided not to buy store bought gowns for her daughter's pageants, has turned into a hometown success story! Born and bred in Paterson New Jersey, U'Asia Cowan has risen from the ranks of "Pagent Mom," or "Stage Mom" to bonafide business woman and entrepreneur.    Tu2's by UU has quickly become the favorite of many who want CUSTOM MADE PAGENT GOWNS,TUTU'S, and any other complementing accessories to make the event your attending memorable. Ms. Cowan's favorite tagline is "If you think it, I can make it!" Some of you may be doubtful of that comment, I however am NOT! She's made an entire skirt from light bulbs...LIGHT BULBS! That actually light up (without an extension cord,lol)! How many people can say they have the craftsmen ship to do that?

From first hand experience, I've seen the most creative, out of the box, just plain "damn why didn't I think of that!" Custom tutus and gowns created by Ms. Cowan. U'Asia has been in the design business since the early 90's creating detailed peices for special occasions, such as proms and weddings. I've witnessed the depth of her talent during the launch party for my debuting novel THE LIFE & TIMES OF A FULL FIGURED FASHIONISTA. I personally extended an invitation to Ms. Cowan and her plethora of models ranging from children, to THICK AND SWEET to present peices of her summer collection. The show DID NOT DISAPPOINT! The models gave audience members a WALK FOR THE GODS, and wowed us with the range of precision, style, focus, and ability of each and EVERY one of them. 

But fashion isn't U'Asia's only passion. She also gives of herself unselfishly as a mentor for children in the city of Paterson. Serving as a modeling coach, drill team coach, booking agent, talent coordinator, ShayShay Productions Team member, and teacher for the Paterson Public School System Ms. Cowan is a "JILL OF MANY TRADES" I wonder how this multifaceted diva finds enough hours in a day (lord knows I need to borrow some, lol)? U'Asia Cowan is an inspiration, we had a conversation not too long ago where I had told her that when I get in a bad head space and talk to her she gives me the push I need to keep going, and all she said to me was "THAT'S WHAT I'M HERE FOR." How amazing is it that someone could have so very much on their plate as far as life is concerned and still make room to give encouragement to others? ASTONISHING! I count myself as lucky to be in her tight knit group of friends. Today Ms U'Asia is our ARTIST IN THE SPOTLIGHT! Please give this queen her crown! 



Sunday, September 27, 2015

Artist Spotlight: Full Figured & Fierce Model Martina Knight- Boyd

With a model walk & pose for the gawds, Martina Knight Boyd has taken the Youngstown Ohio plus fashion scene by storm!

As a plus size model Martina has dedicated herself to the encouraging, uplifting, and empowering of plus positive body images; while being determined to make positive changes in her community. Such dedication to helping others resulted in the organizing of a benefit concert for the less fortunate with her husband. Martina is an accomplished model, actress, singer, and spokeswoman for the Lupus Foundation; who has worked with an array of full figured brands to hone her craft and gain experience that will allow her to further pursue her entrepreneurial ambitions. Her work with the Angel of Avay Agency helped to share her experience in other parts of the country and learning the importance of dedication, hard work, and working with different personalities. 

Martina continues to grow her bodies of work by tireless becoming involved in local full figured events throughout Ohio. These events include Majorly Loving Me Fashion Show, modeling for a locally based radio and t.v. ads, has starred on an indie film in 2014 called NO MORE UGLY JESSICA, and she has hosted the an event for Saving Our Women Domestic Violence campaign. 

When she's not performing in making appearances, Martina is working on a CONFIDENCE & BEAUTY Campaign for the clothing line called AYENIE which she has cofounded in is the currently the face of the brand that is debuting some time this year.

Using her entrepreneurial skills, along with her yearning to lend a helping hand to all who are in need Ms. Boyd spreads her personal message of confidence and beauty to all of the major U.S. fashion cities that promote the beauty of a full figured women. 

As a modern day Jane of all trades there's nothing this size sexy woman isn't capable of, whomever said big girls can't do it better surly haven't met Martina! As a plus size writer it makes me proud to see my sisters doing what's in their hearts to do and achieve with absolutely no apologies for who they are, or what they look like. Full figured women aren't beautiful because of our personalities, we're beautiful because we simply are! Bookings and contact info for Ms. Knight-Boyd below!


Twitter: @marty3176
Intagram: martinaknightboyd